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The mission of MIRS as a leading national metrology institution is to establish, manage and maintain such infrastructure which provides for:

  • measurements in conformity with the SI System, to the Slovenian State,
  • reliable measurements in the fields of health protection of people and animals, environmental protection, general technical safety, transactions in goods and services, and proceedings before the administrative and judicial authorities, to the residents of the Republic of Slovenia,
  • the Slovenian economy to attain global competitiveness.

The PRSPO mission

MIRS as a national institution responsible for the professional as well as administrative assignments necessary for establishing and managing the system of the Slovenian Business Excellence Prize, provides such services through which it:

  • provides for the selection and promotion of role models and best Slovenian organisations in accordance with the criteria and following the model of the European Quality Award;
  • offers to the Slovenian managers a tool for continual improvement of the quality of their products, services and business performance;
  • helps in this way the Slovenian economy to reach global competitiveness;
  • offers to public institutes, authorities and other public institutions a tool for achieving better effectiveness.