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The Metrology Board (SMS) operates on the basis of the Metrology Act (Official Gazette of RS no. 26/05), as a consulting body to the minister in charge of metrology.

The fundamental mission of the Metrology Board is to provide advice in developing the Slovenian metrology, and to ensure the horizontal and generic role of scientific and industrial metrology, as well as metrology as a key national infrastructure. The Metrology Board has been active since the establishment of the Standards and Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, when it took over a part of technical tasks and strategic planning in metrology from the Slovenian Society of Measuring and Processing Technology.

The fields of activity of the Metrology Board, which have been laid down in its Rules of Procedure, are:

  • participation in and co-design of the development of a metrology system in Slovenia, participation in its implementation, and international collaboration,
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis of development needs of the national calibration activity, with particular stress on the national measurement standards of base and derived quantities as well as reference standards and reference materials for the medium and long terms in Slovenia,
  • co-ordination of R&D activities in the field of metrology with the national priorities or needs,
  • promotion, and inter-sectoral as well as interdisciplinary enforcement of metrology for a system-regulated and systematical provision of funds for the functioning of the national metrology system.

Working groups are set up who participate in the work of the Metrology Board in order to carry out tasks in particular fields, allowing for the widest possible circle of external experts to participate in their work. The main purpose of the working groups is to solve specific metrological issues, to work in an inter-disciplinary manner and to ensure inter-sectoral co-ordination.

Members of SMS