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Dr. Rado Lapuh re-elected as an EMPIR deputy chair

Dr. Rado Lapuh from the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia re-elected as an EMPIR deputy chair. At the last meeting of the EMPIR committee on 28th of November 2016 Dr. Rado Lapuh was re-elected as European Metrology...

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Expert and Technical Cooperation in Metrology between Bureau of Metrology of Montenegro and Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Dr. Samo Kopač participated as Slovenian delegate in EURAMET (The European Association of National Metrology Institutes) in this year's EURAMET General Assembly in Oslo, Norway, where he as the Director of the Metrology Institute...

"Measurements in Daily Life", Metrology Day - 22 May 2013, at Brdo near Kranj

World metrology day celebrates the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 in Paris. This year theme „Measurements in daily life”  reflects the fact that the measurements in the current development and way of life are...

In the Republic of Slovenia all the basic issues of national importance in  metrology are covered by the Metrology Act (Official Gazette of RS no. 26/05 of 15 March 2005). These issues are mainly:

  • the system of units of measurements;
  • the system of national and reference measurement standards,
  • legal metrology instruments;
  • the validity of documents and marks of conformity of foreign origin;
  • supervision of quantities and marking of pre-packaged products;
  • metrological supervision;
  • competence and responsibilities of the Metrology Institute of the Republic of  Slovenia


Measuring instruments Subject to National Controls

  • length measuring instruments,
  • volumetric and flow-through measuring instruments,
  • mass measuring instruments,
  • vehicle speed measuring instruments,
  • force and hardness measuring instruments,
  • pressure measuring instruments,
  • electrical energy measuring instruments,
  • measuring transformers,
  • measuring instruments for the surveillance of operation of gambling machines.

The regulations concerning metrological requirements for measuring instruments are mostly based on OIML Recommendations.


Type Approval

Type approval responsibility rests with MIRS. MIRS may use other test laboratories which comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The most numerous measuring instruments for which type approvals are issued are electricity meters, water meters and non automatic weighing instruments.

The type approval can be obtained by producer or in the case of foreign producer by his representative in Slovenia.

Information concerning type approval certificates are published on MIRS website.


Initial Verification

Initial verification of measuring instruments produced in Slovenia shall be ensured by manufacturer, while initial verification of imported instruments shall be ensured by the importer. Based on Metrology Act, verifications may be performed by MIRS or by nominated entities. The performance of verification activities is based primarily on nominated legal entities (or subcontracting in transition). Nomination is done MIRS and is based on ISO 17020 accreditation. While verifications are, whenever possible, outsourced, stress is given in MIRS to implementation of NAWI directive, software testing capacities and metrological supervision.

Manufactures of measuring instruments with approved quality system are able to issue manufacturers¢ declaration of conformity.


Regular Verification

A mandatory reverification system operates.Reverification frequencies are determined in the rules for metrological requirements for those measuring instruments

  • trade weights  2 years
  • petrol pumps  24 month
  • cold water meters  5 years
  • gas meters  12, 10, 8, 5 years
  • electricity meters  4 years (statistical verification for static meters),

Latest figures show that some 220.000 measuring instruments are annually reverified.

The fees for reverification are the same as for initial verification and are defined in Government`s Ordinance. Appointed legal entities are free to set their own fees.


2014/31/EU Directive on non-automatic measuring instruments


The Directive on non-automatic measuring instruments (NAWI) MIRS acts as notified body for EU type examination, EU verification and EC unit verification for NAWI.

International Cooperation

Since it's establishment, Slovenian legal metrology system has been closely linked with most advanced international metrology systems - in terms of acquiring knowledge, participating in common projects etc. Based on bilateral and multilateral projects, implementation of several legal metrology directives of national importance have been achieved (NAWI, electricity meters, material measures of lenght, prepackaged products).

In addition, active participation in WELMEC is of utmost importance for proper implementation and full harmonisation of legal metrology directives. Slovenia is an associated member of WELMEC since 1999. Besides, OIML membership (since 1992) and co-operation is very important as well. Participation in both international organisations is based on a clear identification and prioritisation of national needs.


 2014/32/EU – Measuring Instruments Directive


Metrology institute of Republic of Slovenia is notify body (nr. 1376) for the following certification schemes:


  • Active Electrical Energy Meters (Annex V MI-003) EU type-examination (Annex II - Module B,
    Annex II - Module D, Annex II - Module F),
  • Measuring Instruments for Liquids Other than Water (Annex VII MI-005) (Annex II - Module F, Annex II - Module G)
  • Automatic Weighing Instruments (Annex VIII MI-006) (Annex II - Module B, Annex II - Module D,
    Annex II - Module F, Annex II - Module G)
  • Taximeters (Annex IX MI-007) (Annex II - Module B, Annex II - Module D, Annex II - Module F)
  • Material Measures (Annex X MI-008) (Annex II - Module B, Annex II - Module D, Annex II - Module D1, Annex II - Module F1)
  • Dimensional Measuring Instruments (Annex XI MI-009) (Annex II - Module B, Annex II - Module D
    Annex II - Module D1)



The list of notified bodies which cover other field of directive is available at:



The list of notified bodies which cover other field of directive is available at:

NANDO Information System