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The laws and regulations in the field of metrology cannot be implemented in practice without an efficient state metrological supervision. Only by an active supervision system the RS Metrology Institute (hereinafter: "MIRS") can assure the meeting of the requirements of the Metrology Act and the Precious Metal Articles Act.

The basic task of the Metrological Supervision Department within MIRS is to perform supervision over measuring instruments in service and over prepackages, under the provisions of the Metrology Act (Official Gazette of RS no. 22/00 and 86/04), as well as supervision over precious metal articles under the provisions of the Precious Metal Articles Act (Official Gazette of RS no. 85/00). If the state metrology system as a whole is to perform consistently and effectively, and develop in accordance with Slovenia's strategy and policy of opening to the European or international markets, its supervision must have clear and well deployed objectives which follow the overall mission of MIRS. Accordingly, the supervision staff have to co-operate with other departments within MIRS, with inspection services and consumer organisations, carry out procedures before the administrative and judicial authorities, take part in the activities of foreign metrology organisations, manage and participate in international projects, take care of promotion, and the like.


Head of the Metrological Supervision Department:

Dušanka Škrbić

Phone: +386 1 244 27 27

Fax: +386 1 400 85 88



      Measuring Instruments


      Precious Metal Articles