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Supervision over measuring instruments in service and in use and the correct use of units of measurement is performed by the MIRS Metrological Supervision Department.

The supervision staff check the conformity of measuring instruments in service in the fields of protection of human and animal health, environmental protection and general technical safety, trading in goods and services, and procedures before the administrative and judicial authorities, with the provisions of the Metrology Act and metrology regulations. They assess identity and validity of verification, correct marking, use and maintenance of measuring instruments, and technical conformity with the prescribed metrological requirements.

Units of measurement must comply with the Order concerning Units of Measurement (Official Gazette of RS no. 26/01).

The majority of infringements found by MIRS during supervision refer to the use of measuring instruments without regular verification, incorrect use of units, and the use of measuring instruments without type approval.


Contact person:

Dušanka Škrbić

Phone: +386 1 244 27 27

e-mail: dusanka.skrbic(at)