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The supervision performed by MIRS over precious metal articles consists in checking conformity with the requirements of the Precious Metal Articles Act:


A. Control of the precious metal articles on the market


This includes mainly the examination of the hallmarks on the articles. Each precious metal article should be properly marked with the appropriate:

  • mark of finesses,
  • supplier's mark
  • conformity mark.

In the case of suspicion of fraud, the products are withdrawn from the market and their testing in the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry is ordered.

Since the majority of breaches found refers to absent or inconsistent marking of precious metal articles, particularly with the conformity mark, special attention is paid to such suppliers. A further, intensive inspection is focused on these suppliers.


Contact person:

Dušanka Škrbič

Phone: +386 1 244 27 27


e-mail: dusanka.skrbic(at)