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National Metrology System is of primary importance for any state, since it is the prerequisite for the development of other branches of metrology as well as new technologies, and for the development of the society as a whole. The basic tasks of a national metrology institution are providing a measurement traceabillity of the national measurement standards and delivering measurement traceability to the users and their measurement needs in various segments (Science, Environment, Health, Food, Agriculture, Transport, Telecommunications, Industry, Trade, Taxation, Judicial authorities, and Police). The basic results of this work are especially assurance of traceable measurements in the Republic of Slovenia and knowledge transfer or expert assistance in performing the most sophisticated measurements for a wide range of users.


Being entrusted to state authorities because of its great importance for the countries all over the world, the National Metrology System in Slovenia is entrusted to the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (MIRS) as the national metrology institute (NMI), which provides traceability for selected units of SI System. For certain SI Units, national standards are recognised and entrusted with a mandate by MIRS to other legal entities (DI). The basic criteria for the establishment of the distributed national measurement standard system in the Republic of Slovenia have been laid down in the Metrology Act (Official Gazette of RS no. 26/2005).


MIRS provides measurement traceability for




Amount of substance / Precious metal alloys


Other special units / measurements


Besides MIRS, which is primarily responsible for national measurement standards, these can also be maintained by other legal entities.

The “Rules of National Measurement Standards” (Official Gazette of RS no. 51/2007, 63/2008, 59/2014, and 73/2017) lays down the criteria for the establishment of the national measurement standards system, the conditions for recognizing a measurement standard as a national standard, the maintenance of metrological traceability, the activities and obligations of a national standard holder, monitoring of the activities and obligations of a national standard holder, elements of a contract concluded between MIRS and legal entity – holder of a national standard – as well as the conditions under which MIRS shall sustain and maintain the national measurement standards. Cofunding of national standard holders is defined by MIRS on a yearly basis.

Distributed system of national measurement standards is established in the following fileds:




Time and frequency

Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology, Metrology


University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory for Production Measurement


Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology, Metrology

Ionising radiation

Jožef Stefan Institute, Low and Medium Energy Physics F2

Amount of substance/Organic Compounds, in particular Fatty Acids, Sterols, Biophenols, Tocopherols, Waxes, Triacylglycerols, Stigmastadienes/in Biological MaterialsandFood

Science and Research Centre, Laboratory of the Institute for Oliveculture

Amount of substance/Bioanalysis of Nucleic Acids/GMOs and Microorganisms

National Institute of Biology, Department of Biotechnology and systems biology

Amount of substance/InorganicNon-metalsand their Compounds,Manganese,Loss on Ignition, insolubleandmain Components/inMineral Binders and Mortars

Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Laboratory for Cements, Mortars and Ceramics

Amount of substance/Chemicaltrace Elements/in theOrganic and InorganicMaterials

Jožef Stefan Institute, Environmental Sciences O2

Amount of substance/InorganicMetalloids andtheir Compounds, sum Parameters, pH, Toxicity/in Water

National Institute of Chemistry, Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Thermodynamic temperature

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Laboratory of Metrology and Quality


Institute of Metals and Technology, Laboratory of pressure metrology


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Laboratory of Metrology and Quality