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MIRS representative at Knowledge Management 2008, Bulgaria

During the 4th and 6th July 2008 a conference Knowledge management 2008 regarding the knowledge and experience interchange in the field of legal metrology took a place in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The goal of the conference were measuring instruments and with them related Measurement instrument directive. MIRS took active part at conference with speaker mr. Aleksander Premuš from Laboratory for information technology in metrology. He gave a presentation regarding the knowledge interchange in the field of  software testing in measurement instruments under legal control, Welmec 7.2 - Software requirements guide and Measuring Instrument Directive. He also represented MIRS good practice and experiences regarding the knowledge management in the field legal metrology.


The conference was organised by CORYS and NMi (The Netherlands) as a part of pre-member aid for Bulgaria. The conference was attended by representatives form BIM (Bulgarian Metrology Institute), market surveillance authorities and manufacturers of legal metrology instruments.