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Successful first verification of Traffistar SR 520 road traffic sector speed meter

On the 14th of July 2008 Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (MIRS) has in cooperation with distributor and official service provider company Intermatic d.o.o. made first verification of TraffiStar SR 520. Measuring instrument has fulfilled all the metrological requirements of National act for road traffic speed meters. Measuring instrument can be used from this day to enforce offence of speed limit.


Traffistar SR 520 road traffic speed meter belongs to the new generation of speed meters, with which the Slovenian Police is going to be equipped. It allows measuring the average speed of vehicle on the road sector of shorter distance and is most suitable for speed measurement on crossings. The road sector has to be delimited with two induction loops, which monitors the movement of the vehicle. It calculates the average speed of the vehicle, based on the known distance between inductive loops and measured time difference, when vehicle passes through first and second loop. If the speed limit is exceeded, vehicle is photographed and proof of offence is recorded.


MIRS has done verification of speed meter based on measuring the average speed of vehicle with induction loops for the first time. Outcomes and experiences from this verification are going to be used in the following projects regarding the measuring the speed of vehicle on highway sectors and longer distances.


The first measuring instrument is placed on crossing of Vodovodna street and Slovenčeva street.


TraffiStar SR 520 allows also monitoring yellow and red light offences, but this is not covered by MIRS.