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TrainMiC Convention (Celje, 10-14 Jan 2009)

Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia hosts a European Convention on Life Long Learning in metrology in chemistry

(Celje, 10-14 Jan 2009)



The proper functioning of the internal market, as well as the implementation of EU legislation in environment, food safety or health is dependent on reliable measurements in various areas of science. This can only be achieved via competent laboratory staff.

TrainMiC® is a pan-European Life Long Learning programme for metrology in chemistry.  The programme is coordinated by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, but it operates and is based on national teams (currently 17 teams) operating in the member states.  Its vision is to promote and provide a European wide harmonised training in Metrology in Chemistry via a network of national providers sharing resources to improve quality in analytical results.

The bi-annual Convention of authorised TrainMiC® trainers took place in Celje , with the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia acting as local host. Knowledge transfer is a key process in the scope of activities of MIRS. At this event, the trainers were updated on the training material and exchanged best practice. Some 45 trainers from 15 different countries participated.

At a special ceremony, the authorised TrainMiC® trainers were invited to sign the new TrainMiC® Licence agreement, based on a Commission Decision of 17th of December 2008. This Licence agreement ensures the proper use of the training material and the recognition of the status of the trainers.



Commission decision