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19th meeting of the WELMEC WG10 working group

WELMEC's meeting of the working group WG10 was held in Paris, on the 6th and 7th of November.  WG10 covers MI005 of MID - measuring systems for liquids other than water. Recently, a revision of OIML recommendations for these instruments has been done and R-117 (edition 1995(E)) was replaced by R-117/1 (edition 2007(E)). The second part of it (R-117/2) is under draft. The curent status of these documents were discused during the meeting, as well as the reference table OIML R117-1/MID. The first draft of this table is completed and will be sent to WELMEC secreteriat in January 2009.


Other interesting topics from the meeting were:
- Measuring systems for CNG will be included in the WG10's terms of reference.
- A representative of OIML gave an overwiew of the research in USA concerning the use of hydrogen as a fuel element in cars. He asked for contact details of institutions with similar activities in Europe.
- A representative of Great Britain addressed some problems they are facing during the use of bio-disel: with about 30% aditive of bio fuel they notice growth of algae and corrosion of the parts of the measuring system.