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Opening ceremony of the 15th Slovenian Science Festival

Opening ceremony of the 15th Slovenian Science Festival
(22 – 24 September 2009)

The 15th Slovenian Science Festival, with the slogan "From caves to stars" was opened today in Cankarjev dom. At the opening ceremony of the Science Festival, all participants were also addressed by the Acting Director of the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Tanasko Tasić.  
In his speech, Dr Tasić pointed out that man conducted measurements even before the beginning of the first civilization.  Measurements accompany every human activity from morning until evening, beginning with measuring the quantity of water for making morning coffee, the speed of the car on the way to work, the weight of vegetables bought at the food market or the length of time of a telephone conversation. 
They accompany us from the moment we are born, when our weight is checked, at every step and every day of our lives.  Even if everyday measurements are not taken into account, several hundred million measurements in different areas are performed every year in Slovenia, such as in science and technology, industry, quality of food and the environment, energy, medicine and trade.  
Measurements are of key importance for the economy, indispensable in trade and commerce and fundamental in science, for example for physicists, philosophers, archaeologists or architects.   Even more, knowledge of measurements is one of the first elements of education, acquired even by people who never learn how to write and read. 
The Science Festival is intended in particular for young people, who have just entered the world of research and science.  In the following three days, many interesting events will take place at the Festival and measurements will definitely evoke many visitors’ spirit of research.