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3rd International summer school "Measurement Science in Chemistry"

Metrology institute of the Republic of Slovenia has participated at the 3rd international postgraduate summer school "Measurement Science in Chemistry". The summer school took place in Lepanina, Estonia, . from 18th July to 1st August 2010. The organisers invited dr. Nineta Majcen to teach about 30 students from several European countries and from Thailand about validation of measurement procedures.
Consortium of nine universities is providing an accredited EUROMASTER postgraduate study programme »Measurement Science in Chemistry«, international summer school being part of it. After succesfully finishing the programme, the students are awarded EUROMASTER diploma. The first solemn diploma ceremony will be this year in October at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, which has initiated and established the consortium and acts now as a mentor organisation.