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"Measurements in Daily Life", Metrology Day - 22 May 2013, at Brdo near Kranj

World metrology day celebrates the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 in Paris. This year theme „Measurements in daily life”  reflects the fact that the measurements in the current development and way of life are even more important, underpinning our metrology mission to effectively support the economy, innovation and development of new technologies, energy, environment, health, general safety, consumer protection and digital society. The aim of all this is also directed to the development of MIRS, which wants to create the most flexible, effective and targeted system that will enable achievement of strategic economic, social and developmental goals of the Republic of Slovenia.


MIRS celebrated World Metrology Day on 22 May 2013, with a ceremony in the Hall of Elegans Kokra Hotel in Brdo, with the introductory speach of minister for economic development and technology mag. Stanko Stepišnik. He emphasized the state responsibility for successful and competitive economic development, in which the national metrology system headed by Metrology Institute of Republic of Slovenia plays an important role. At the same time he praised its performance, rich expertise, good infrastructure and hardworking of innovative people, working in the field of metrology in both public and private sectors.


In the development and co-creation of the national measurement system of Slovenia, the important role is also played by Metrology Board, as well as by designated institutes and other legal entities, which all create success stories and write national metrology history.


Measurements is knowledge, which accompany us in our every step and is learnt by those who never learn to read and write. This allows us to think about how crucial they are in shaping the success and development of our economy and society. How the measurements are present in virtually all phases of the concepts and ideas to the final product was presented in the lecture "From Nano to Mega", given by Mr. Bojan Črv, Director of Quality and the Laboratory from Collector Group d.o.o.
Measurement accompany us at every turn, are crucial to the economy, are indispensable to trade and commerce are the basis for the science of physics as a philosopher, archaeologist and architect, and finally astronomer and pilot. What is behind a number of safe carried flights in summer, high in the air and on the ground, was revealed by Mr. Andrej Petelin, Director of an integrated quality system from Adria Airways d.d. in his lecture, "Measurements in the field of flight safety."


Additionally to metrology, MIRS covers another important area, being the recognition of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence and with us was Elektro Gorenjska d.d., one of this year's winner recipients of the highest awards in the field of business excellence. The excellence of their organization is also reflected through the "Measurements of electricity supply quality", bwing presented by Mr. Bojan Luskovec, CEO of Elektro Gorenjska and Mr. Janez Smukavec, Head of technical support for the operation.


Measurements also affect our lives, our status and the environment in which we live. This was the common foundation in lectures given by Mr. Mojmir Poharec, Technical Director of Zlatarna Celje d.d., Dr. Igor Stirn, Head of the Institute for Sport, Faculty of sport, University of Ljubljana and mag. Tanja Bolte, Secretary of the Slovenian Environment Agency.


Although the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and the whole metrology system are often hidden in today’s society, we can surely reconfirm that without metrology we would not be able to provide an economic and scientific development and human security as we have it today.