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17. 12. 2008

Final activities of MIRS in MSTQ Kosovo project

Final activities of MIRS in MSTQ Kosovo project

As already reported at this place some time ago (11th July 2007) MIRS is actively participating in a consortium for implementation of »Developement of Measuring, Standardization, Testing and Quality (MSTQ) Framework, UNMIK Kosovo (EuropeAid/122522/D/SV/KOS)« project. The consortium led by the British BSI is financed by European Union. The beneficiary is Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo (MTI), Kosovo department of metrology (KDM). So far several activities were performed as e.g. assessment and planning for metrology; metrology pilot project for specification of required measurement standard equipment in mass, volume and flow, temperature and humidity, electrical quantities, force and pressure; technical training courses in mass and precious metals articles area; establishment of metrology council; study visit of metrology management staff at MIRS and its partners laboratories; preparation of the Strategy on the development of metrology infrastructure in Kosovo; implementation of quality system etc.

Until the end of the project in March 2009 the following activities are planned as well: technical assistance in organisation and implementation of the KDM measurement standards equipment on international level, seminars in Measurement traceability and uncertainty and in Quantities of pre-packaged products, technical assistance in mass metrology and  analysis of precious metals articles, technical assistance in metrology of electrical energy, technical assistance in planning and aligning metrological legislation to EU requirements, study visit at MIRS on practical aspects of quality management implementation into NMI operation and technical training course in volume and flow area.