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17. 12. 2008Press release

Final activities of MIRS in MSTQ Kosovo project

Final activities of MIRS in MSTQ Kosovo project As already reported at this place some time ago (11th July 2007) MIRS is actively participating in a consortium for implementation of »Developement of Measuring,...

10. 12. 2008Press release

19th meeting of the WELMEC WG10 working group

WELMEC's meeting of the working group WG10 was held in Paris, on the 6th and 7th of November.  WG10 covers MI005 of MID - measuring systems for liquids other than water. Recently, a revision of OIML recommendations for these...

2. 12. 2008Press release

EURAMET Focus Group on National Metrology Infrastructure Development, 1st meeting, Skopje, 27th - 28th November 2008

Political changes in Europe (EU, Schengen area) requires changes in metrology at the European level. Responsibles for national metrology infrastructure from EU and SEE countries have met in Skopje to discuss challenges they are...

1. 12. 2008Press release

TrainMiC® kick-off event in Tirana, 17th-18th November 2008

The first TrainMiC® training event on metrology in chemistry in Albania has been attended by 28 participants from Public Health Institutes from all around Albania. The TrainMiC® course ( has been organised by the...