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Measurement of volume, like one of derived physical quantities of SI system of measuring units, has a very important role not only in science, but also in everyday life.


Volume measurements has especially big role in legal metrology, which covers measurements from field of trading with goods and services, measurements from field of health care and measurements from field of health protection.


To ensure credibility of such measurements it is crucial importance to establish traceability from primary etalons to the end users.


That is in practice realized with calibrations, that is comparisons of volume measures with known values to volume measures with unknown values or by weighting volume measures and their content.


Volume laboratory (LV) within the frame of Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (MIRS) is responsible for assuring traceability at field of volume measurements.


With state of the art equipment Volume laboratory performs:

  • Gravimetrical calibrations from 10 ml to 50 l
  • Volumetric calibrations from 10 l to 5000 l (in customers premises from 100 l to 5000 l)


Volume laboratory is accredited for performing calibrations of volume measures in whole scope of its work.