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Vsebino spletnega mesta selimo na osrednje spletno mesto državne uprave, ki je bilo objavljeno 1. julija 2019.
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Seznam pridobljenih projektov iMERA-Plus, EMRP in EMPIR s strani inštitucij slovenskega meroslovnega sistema.


iMERA-Plus (2007 - 2010)
KlicKratek naslovKodaPartnerPridobljena EU sredstvaPridobljena SI sredstvaNaslov projektaposter poročilo
TP3: Length 2007NIMTechT3.J2.2UM-FS      46.768 €      98.928 €Metrology for new industrial measurement technologies    P      
TP4: Electricity & Magnetism 2007Power & EnergyT4.J01SIQ      51.308 €    108.532 €Next generation of power and energy measuring techniques    P       R


EMRP (2009 - 2017)
KlicKratek naslovKodaPartnerPridobljena EU sredstvaPridobljena SI sredstvaNaslov projektaposter poročilo
Energy 2009SmartGridENG04SIQ    66.854 €    73.596 €Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids      R
Energy 2009HarvestingENG02SIQ    61.118 €    67.282 €Metrolgy for Energy Harvesting      R
Industry 2010EMINDAIND02SIQ    73.872 €    88.128 €Electromagnetic Characterization of Materials for Industrial Applications up to Microwave Frequencies      R
Industry 2010MetroMetalIND04IJS/F2    27.445 €    32.742 €Ionizing Radiation Metrology for Metallurgical Industry      R
Industry 2010VacuumIND12IMT    68.425 €    81.630 €Vacuum metrology for production environments      R
PartEmissionENV02IJS/O2    36.480 €    43.520 €Emerging requirements for measuring pollutants from automotive exhaust emissions
MeteoMetENV07UL-FE    68.937 €    82.241 €Metrology for pressure, temperature, humidity and airspeed in the atmosphere      R
WFDENV08IJS/O2    22.800 €    27.200 €Traceable measurements for monitoring critical pollutants under the European Water Framework Directive (WFD-2000/60/EC)      R
MetroRWMENV09IJS/F2    25.079 €    29.918 €Metrology for Radioactive Waste Management      R
Health 2011INFECT-METHLT08NIB  199.350 €  250.650 €Metrology for monitoring infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and harmful micro-organisms      R
SI Units 2011NewKiloSIB05MIRS    19.714 €Developing a practical means of disseminating the new kilogram
SI Units 2011NOTEDSIB10UL-FE    98.762 €  124.177 €Novel techniques for traceable temperature dissemination
Technology 2011TraCIMNEW06UM-FS    39.462 €    49.618 €Traceability for computationally-intensive metrology
SI Broader Scope 2012Q-WAVESIB59SIQ    67.881 €    90.719 €A quantum standard for sampled electrical measurements
SI Broader Scope 2012Bio-SITraceSIB54NIB    15.964 €    21.336 €Traceability for biologically relevant molecules and entities
SI Broader Scope 2012METefnetSIB64UL-FE    70.406 €    94.094 €Metrology for moisture in materials
Industry 2012TIMIND62UM-FS    32.400 e    43.300 €Traceable in-process dimensional measurement
Industry 2012EMCIND60SIQ    49.502 €    66.158 €Improved EMC test methods in industrial environments
Industry 2012MetroNORMIND57IJS/F2    51.660 €    69.040 €Metrology for processing materials with high natural radioactivity
Energy 2013SmartGrid IIENG52SIQ    40.437 €    49.563 €Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality
MeTraENV51IJS/O2    58.858 €    72.142 €Traceability for mercury measurements
MetroERMENV57IJS/F2    48.075 €    58.925 €Metrology for radiological early warning networks in Europe
MeteoMet2ENV58UL-FE    69.192 €    84.808 €Metrology for essential climate variables


EMPIR (2014 - 2024)
KlicKratek naslovKodaPartnerPridobljena EU sredstvaNaslov projektaposter poročilo
Industry 2014pres2vac14IND06 IMT    79.000 €Industrial standards in the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum range
Industry 2014HIT14IND11 UL-FE    48.000 €Metrology for humidity at high temperatures and transient conditions
Research Potential 2014ACQ-PRO 14RPT01  SIQ    18.000 €Towards the propagation of ac quantum voltage standards
Research Potential 2014AWICal 14RPT02 MIRS    45.000 €Traceable calibration of dynamic weighing instruments
Research Potential 2014ENVCRM 14RPT03 IJS/O2    45.000 €Matrix reference materials for environmental analysis
Research Potential 2014Eura-Thermal 14RPT05 UL-FE    20.000 €Developing traceable capabilities in thermal metrology
Support for Impact 2014Vacuum ISO 14SIP01 IMT    26.000 €Developing standardisation documents to support uptake and dissemination of IND12 results
Health 2015AntiMicroResist 15HLT07 NIB  180.000 €Novel materials and methods for the detection, traceable monitoring and evaluation of antimicrobial resistance
Research Potential 2015TracePQM 15RPT04 SIQ    40.000 €Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurements
Research Potential 2015RFMicrowave 15RPT01 SIQ    40.000 €Development of RF and microwave metrology capability
Research Potential 2015HUMEA 15RPT03 UL-FE    20.000 €Expansion of European research capabilities in humidity measurement
Environment 2016MercOx16ENV01 IJS/O2  180.000 €Metrology for oxidised mercury
Environemnt 2016Preparedness16ENV04 IJS/F2  100.000 €Metrology for mobile detection of ionising radiation following a nuclear or radiological incident
Normative 2016Ion gauge16NRM05 IMT    98.700 €Towards a documentary standard for an ionising vacuum gauge
Industry 2017EMPRESS 217IND04 UL-FE    60.000 €Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurements 2
Industry 2017SmartCom17IND02UM-FS    42.000 €Communication and validation of smart data in IoT-networks